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New - TruE™ Software for the MAC platform! This works with all types of embroidery machine, including industrial, and you can use all those great MAC feature such as Gestures.
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5D LogoThe New 5D™ Embroidery Software System from Husqvarna Viking

It is here at last! The new 5D™ embroidery software from Husqvarna Viking. It does everything 4D™ did but easier, lus some fantastic new features, including a full photo editing suite, and real time editing in 5D™Design Enhancer. We have listed the main changes from 4D™ software below. If you are completely new to embroidery software, please click on the link below to take you to the main VSM software microsite.

The 5D™microsite

5D™ QuiltDesign Creator5D™ QuiltDesign Creator


The main modules




5D Embroidery Desktop
  • More Natural 3D view - Faster to move designs around and you can see the whole design rather than an outline when moving
  • New interface design with more modern icons. Cursors change according to the selected function. 8 textured fabric backgrounds including Aida Cloth
  • Grid size can be as small as 2mm
  • Adjust, Monogram, personalize and combine all your embroidery designs ! Monogram package is included!
  • Select multiple designs and move them as a group, and combine selected designs, or all designs
  • Manage colours, select stitches, rotate, mirror, scale and resize
  • Align the selected designs horizontally, vertically, top, bottom, left, right,or in the centre of the hoop.
  • Create large embroidery projects up to 2 metres, yes metres! in width
  • Automatically create lettering around a selected designs, it snaps to fit!
  • View your selected font on the Letter page, and scroll through all the fonts in the category
  • Select from over 600 machine motif stitches visually to create new designs or embellish existing ones. Advanced and extended encore features including multiple designs in 8 line options, or in a circle. Encore designs in one of 24 shapes, or to border hoop with an alternative design in the corners.
    Improved resize.
    50 undo's and redo's.
    119 Digitised fonts included and 10 Monogram fonts
    Over 700 embroideries plus 270 Mini Designs included!


5D Embroidery £395.00 Buy It now!


5D Embroidery Extra £620.00 Buy It now!

5D Extra desktop


Create designs automatically for your projects and view on real garments, quilt blocks and fabrics!

  • Create your own embroidery, border or outline trace design to fit you selected hoop or defined area, via means of a simple to follow wizard. 352 clip art images included or draw or scan your own!
  • Print all the embroideries with real size backgrounds to use as templates in your projects. Over 770 garment backgrounds included and 600 quilt blocks from Electric Quilt Company. Fabric libraries from RJR fabrics including Sew You So fun lines and Thimbleberries House & Garden.
  • Split your project automatically to fit into any single or multi part hoop!




Create one-of-a-kind embroidered greeting cards!

Design one-of-a-kind greeting cards, invitations, announcements, postcards and certificates with your loved ones’ names or even pictures beautifully embroidered as part of the project.

Whatever the occasion, you can select an elegant, cute or fun card to complement it.

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This great add on program gives sophisticated editing tools at a great upgrade price . You can add it to any dongled versionof 5D software for only £129.00 Buy It now!

5D™ CARD SHOP £145.00Buy It now!

5D™ EMBROIDERY SYSTEM. Either 5D™ EMBROIDERY EXTRA , 5D™ EMBROIDERY 5D™PROFESSIONAL is required before purchasing this add-on software.



5D Crossstitcher

Design beautiful cross stitch embroideries with traditional quality and the speed of a machine – 5D™ CROSS STITCHER

Create your own cross stitch patterns. Use the pictures as templates or let the Cross Stitcher Wizard create the design for you automatically.

Automatically repeat and reflect your design up to eight times with the amazing Multiply feature.

Add personalized lettering: choose from 27 elegant cross-stitch fonts, or create monograms from most TrueType® or OpenType ® fonts on your computer. Over 150 special cross stitches and blackwork fill patterns are included.

5D™ CROSS STITCHER is available from the Internet Purchase Center as an add-on to the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ EMBROIDERY SYSTEM. All features are also included in HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ PROFESSIONAL. Either 5D™ EMBROIDERY or 5D™ EMBROIDERY EXTRA is required before purchasing add-ons from the Internet Purchase Center. (Alternatively it is available in the INSPIRA® 5D™ CROSS STITCHER package, which must be used with an INSPIRA® 5D™ DONGLE.)


5D™ CROSS STITCHER £190.00 Buy It now!



5D Photostitch

The Jewel of the Crown - 5D Portrait Stitch

  • This incredible program includes a full photo editing suite. As well as using it for preparing photos for 5D Portrait Stitch, you could use it for
    5DDesign Creator, or even for airbrushing up your digital photographs!
  • Remove red eye and background colors easily, and use image effects and painting tools to adjust your pictures for the best embroidery results!
  • Embroider unique color or monochrome embroidery portraits automatically from your own photos. Create wonderful greeting cards, family quilts, framed pictures, landscape scenes and more!
  • 10 amazing effects including color portraits, heritage sepia, or monochrome portrait and color tile for an artistic 'pointillist effect.
    Use easy to follow step by step wizards to create portraits of any size easily.
  • Frame the portrait automatically with a choice of 225 frames and corners, or create your own border from one of 50 shapes in satin stitch, running or triple stitch, or even machine stitch motifs!
  • View your portrait in the hoop, and so much more!



5D Design Creator

5D Design Creator create in the hoop!

  • Create designs in real time in 3D in the hoop, and right click to edit, and see the changes in real time before you make the change!
  • No need to create stitches before saving, simply save your embroidery
  • Print background images as part of the design
  • Draw or load designs in vector format and convert them to embroidery automatically. Save drawings or pictures.
  • Create beautiful lace designs using the lace tools:
    Richelieu bars
    Tapered motifs
    Emboss options for satin and fill
    Crosshatch and parallel fill
    Continuous satin gives smoother stitching quality; also satin lace trace
    Appliqué options for all areas
  • Easy to use gradient and multi color gradient fill helps create spectacular effects.
  • Select fill an line types before or after creating objects and convert easily between stitch types
  • Compact film strip in edit mode for global changes
  • Design your own motifs (includes Fabric Decorator)

    Also included in 5DProfessional, 5DEmbroidery, 5DEmbroidery Extra, 5DOrganizer, 5D Vision, 5DStitch Editor,5D Design Creator
    5DSketch, 5DCross Stitcher, 5DPortrait Stitch. More to follow on the other modules

See more on the other modules


Now available! 5D Professional £1099.00 Buy It now!

4D to 5D Professional Upgrade
(full package but existing dongle upgraded) £699.00 Buy It now!

Other modules

5D™ FAMILY TREE £190.00


4D™ Quilt Design Creator £275.00

Hardware you might need depending on your machine type

4D™ READER/WRITER KIT for Rose, Orchidea and Scandinavia 300
4D™ d-CARD READER/WRITER KIT for Quit Designer II, and Platinum Embroidery machines
INSPIRA® 4D™ DRAWING KIT For use with Design Creation programs, a pen and tablet for easier plotting.


Our Offer to you for buying from us

Bring in your laptop or tower and we will install the software, set it up and register it for you free, normally £55 A free 1 day course (up to 5DEmboidery Extra) or free 2 day course with 5DProfessional worth up to £175! Contact us

5D Updates - There are 4 updates for download through 5D Configure/SmartUpdate, which a fix a few bugs and add some new thread colours.

They are large files. If you are having trouble downloading them we can supply the on a 2GB USB Stick, (which you can reuse) for £10.50

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