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4D Embroidery Software

4D Software

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Experience the wonderful world of creative embroidery software with the all new product developed in response to customer requests by Husqvarna Viking

4D Software Packages

Choose your own branch of 4D Software to help you create the perfect projects for every member of your family. Perhaps you would like simply to add a personal monogram to your favourite embroideries, then 4D Embroidery is an excellent choice. To create your own embroideries automatically from a picture before personalizing, look at 4D Embroidery Extra. Add other optional packages, or look into the ultimate system, the complete 4D Professional. Over 55,000 clipart and 13,000 photos provide design inspiration!

4d Professioanl - Family Tree Project

4D Professional

4D Professional includes eleven software modules: 4D Embroidery Extra, 4D Organizer, 4D Vision, 4D Stitch Editor, 4D Design Aligner, 4D Sketch and 4D Cross Stitcher plus four special modules available only in 4D Professional: 4D Design Creator, 4D Fabric Decorator, 4D PictureStitch and 4D Font Digitizing. The package also includes machine accessory modules 4D Disk Manager USB, 4D d-Card Reader/Writer and 4D Reader/Writer software. The Reader Writers are purchased at extra cost

4D Professional contains over 300 embroideries, with 50 bonus designs from the wonderful Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Collections. Over 55,000 clipart and 13,000 photos also included!

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The modules at a glance

All the modules can be purchased separately

Toy bag

4D Embroidery

This is the first package in the series which allows you to convert, resize, customise, add letteriing and shapes to any embroidery design. You can also edit a design, so for instance cut out a part of a design and use it as a new design .

4D Embroidery Extra

All the features of 4D Embroidery, plus a real wow!! factor, A Design Creation Wizard! Choose any scanned image, drawn image or logo, and with a few clicks turn it into a design which you can stitch! Also see your emroidery on a fabric background in real life so you know how it will stitch out. This is an unbelievable program!

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4D Cross Stitcher

If you enjoy cross Stitch. This is a must have program turns any image into a cross stitch design for embroidering out on the machine, or just place your own stitches on the grid, and replicate them on other areas of the grid to creat traditional cross stitch really quick!

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4D Design Enhancer

4D Design Enhancer allows you to take any existing embroidery, and edit it, as well as chopping bits out of one design, and inserting them in other designs. In addition you get morphing and border tools to customise designs in exciting ways. it includes Design Aligner, allowing you to split large designs into your hoop size with ease.

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4D Organiser

Ever lost an important embroidery design on your computer, or wished you could print your portfolio of designs? Well now you can with this stand alone program.

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New 4D™QuiltDesign Creator! (Oct 09)

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4D™QuiltDesign Creator

This wonderful new software is the perfect compliment for the embroidery machine or frame quilter. Extraordinary quilting designs become a reality

Step by step wizards - Lead you through composing a block element or border . Trace a picture, use included designs or start with a clear palette.

Craft your own embroidery or robot quilting designs. - Use any of the 50 shapes, 112 MiniPics or over 30 pre-made quilting designs to begin your quilting design. Or simply draw what you imagine. Rotate or reflect any of these shapes and watch your design transform before your eyes. The filmstrip helps you edit your designs easily. Move elements to change stitching order and look.


Set an area to be filled automatically with traditional quilting patterns such as Stipple, Cross-Hatch or Parallel lines. Vary the line spacing to create different effects.

Use small quilting motifs to create your own motif fill. Use one of the 53 motif patterns included for your quilt robot or choose from 53 smaller motif patterns made especially for use with your embroidery machine. And you don't need to stop with just one motif! Choose a second motif and alternate lines in your fill area. Just for fun write your name or draw a small picture. Turn these into motifs and use in your unique quilt design.

A line quilting design is no longer just a line with the 4D™Quilt Design Creator. Simply change the line's property. Create up to 5 parallel lines in one click. Or adjust to a motif line. Choose from flowers & leaves, scrolls,geometric or pictures.

Borders are effortless with 'Encore'. Place one quilting design in your specified work area and then click Encore. This function places the approriate number of quilting designs in the work area to make the perfect border.

Add lettering to any quilt. 4D™QuiltDesign Creator will take lettering from most TrueType® or OpenType® fonts on your computer and change it to a quilting design automatically. Create text with stipple,crosshatch or other fills. Even use the special quilting motifs as outlines.

Watch your quilting design "stitch out" with the design player. The Design Player "stitches" on your computer screen so you know just how your design will sew.

4D™QuiltDesign Creator Vision helps you visualise your finished quilt. Photograph your quilt and import the file through the wizard. Place your quilting designs on your own quilt background and see how it will look. Adjust the placement of designs until you like your finished product and then print out as a template! It's that easy. you are ready to stitch your quilt.


Quilted Bag

File formats supported.
read and write quilting formats
PC Quilter(.txt)
Statler Stitcher (.qli)
AutoCad (.dxf)
Windows Meta File (.wmf)
Windows Enhanced Meta Files (.emf)
HPGL (.hp,.plt)

read and write embroidery formats
Bernina (,artversion 1,2,3)
Brother/Babylock/Bernina PEC (.pec)
Brother/Babylock/Bernina PES (.pes version 2-8)
Compucon/Singer PSQ (.xxx)
Husqvarna Viking/Pfaff (.vp3 and .vip)
Husqvarna (.hus,.shv and.dhv)
Janome (.jef and .sew)
Melco (.exp)
Pfaff (.pcs)
Tajima (.dst)
Toyota (.10*)
Note: Bernina .art files can only be loaded.Husqvarna .dhv and .shv files can only be loaded. Brother/Babylock/Bernina ,pes versions 3,4,5,7and 8 can only be loaded. Files of.pes format are saved as version 2 if the embroidery is 130mm x 180mm or smaller. Larger embroideries saved in.pes format are saved as version 6.

System requirements:
PC with intel®procesor or equivalent. (1 Ghz or higher)
Windows® 7, Vista, XP
512 MB RAM
300MB hard disk space
Screen resolution 1024 x 768, 16 million colours
Mouse or drawing tablet
DVD -ROM drive
USB Port
Internet activation required.

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4D Sketch

4d Sketch design
Enjoy free motion embroidery? Enjoy designing on a computer? Well this is the program for you. It can stand alone, or as part of 4D Professional.

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4D™ Family Portrait

4DTM Family Portrait

4D™ Family Portrait is a stand-alone or add-on part of the Husqvarna Viking 4D™  Embroidery System. The stand-alone package includes a dongle. The add-on package requires 4D™  Embroidery, 4D™  Embroidery Extra or 4D™  Professional and no dongle is included.

Transform your photos into wonderful PortraitStitch embroideries. Enter your own family details or import gedcom files (.ged) from other genealogy software. Wizards help create portraits and charts, add lettering, frames and more!

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4D Monogram

4D™ Express Monogram Wizard

Create Monograms easily!

The 4D™ EXPRESSMONOGRAM WIZARD software guides you step by step through all the settings to create your own beautiful monograms. Enjoy 10 specially created Classic Monogram fonts and the new Three-Color Trellis font, in addition to over 100 fonts and unlimited QuickFonts in your 4D™ Embroidery software.


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The hardware you might need

4D D-Card Reader/Writer Kit

D Card Reader Writer Kit

If you have a Designer II, Quilt Designer II, Platinum Plus, Platinum 950E, or Platinum 955E, you will need a D Card Reader Writer with programmable card to write your designs to.

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4D Reader/Writer Kit

Reader Writer for Orchidea/Rose

f you have an orchidea, Rose, Iris,or Scandinavia 300, you will need a Reader Writer with programmable card to save your designs to.

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Inspira Drawing Kit

Inspira Drawing Kit

Make design editing and creation easy with this drawing tablet. Includes pen and 10,000 images to get you going!

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